Recovery of documents for a vehicle – Does CASCO work when losing documents?

Very often, vehicle owners lose documents on their car somewhere on the street or in public institutions. Many store documents on a car in the car or in a bag. Often they simply drop out of the bag. And the papers that are stored in the car itself will be a real gift to those who decide to steal your vehicle.

In the event that the documents are lost, then it will not work to receive insurance compensation for theft by hull. But let’s look at an option in which no one stole a car, but the documents were lost, in particular, the certificate of state registration of the vehicle was lost.

What to do?

You can restore the certificate of registration of the vehicle through the portal of public services. Register or enter the already created personal account and fill out the electronic application form. The following data must be specified in it:

  1. Vehicle passport number;
  2. Series and passport number of the vehicle owner;
  3. If the application is not filled out by the owner, then indicate the power of attorney;
  4. Series and CTP policy number.

Additionally, you may need the data of a document confirming ownership of the vehicle or trailer.

The next step will be to select the traffic police department, in which it will be convenient for the vehicle owner or his representative to pay a personal visit. You can also select the appropriate day and time. After this, you need to pay the state fee for issuing a duplicate of the STS.

Visit to the traffic police department

In the event that the submitted application is considered and the traffic police gives a positive answer to it, the vehicle owner will need to personally visit the traffic police department to provide the vehicle for inspection. Based on a personal inspection of the vehicle, a decision will be made on the compliance of the vehicle data with the declared ones.

Before inspection, the car must be washed – dirty vehicles will not be inspected. You can also inspect the vehicle before documents are submitted – then preparing duplicates will take less time.

Document recovery cost

The state duty for the restoration of documents for a vehicle is 400 rubles. When submitting an application through the website of the State Services, the state duty is subject to a discount – it will cost only 350 rubles. The owner of the vehicle will be issued a new STS.

The state duty for the replacement of car registration marks is 2000, with a discount through the State Service portal – 1400 rubles. The replacement of registration marks for a motorcycle or trailer is 1,500 rubles, with a discount through the State Service portal – 1,050 rubles.

Replacing the certificate will also require changes to the vehicle passport. This service costs another 350 rubles, at a discount it will cost 240 rubles. In the event that the vehicle passport is lost, you will have to fork out for 800 rubles (with a discount of 560 rubles).

Does CASCO work when losing documents?

The answer to this question depends on what conditions are specified in the insurance rules of a particular insurer. In the event that the vehicle was damaged in a traffic accident, the owner has the right to compensation for harm in any case. And the absence of any document will not affect this in any way.

In the event that the car was stolen, the owner of the vehicle must provide to the loss settlement department all sets of keys with a key fob, as well as a full set of original documents for the vehicle. The absence of any document is a guarantee of refusal of insurance payment. Moreover, this applies to cases when documents were in the cabin of a stolen car.

The insurance company will refuse insurance indemnity. Going to court for truth is unlikely to lead to a successful outcome for the policyholder. According to court practice, in such cases, the court takes the position of the insurance company.

Should I inform the insurer about the replacement of documents?

Replacing documents with a vehicle involves replacing its number and series. Therefore, in the presence of a concluded CASCO insurance contract, it is necessary to notify the insurance company about this.

It is best if the notice is in writing and will be provided in person to the insurer’s office. Then the policyholder conclude an additional agreement with the UK taking into account the amended data of the new document on the vehicle. Failure to comply with this requirement will complicate the process of processing losses with the insurance company, and in some cases will entail a refusal of compensation.

If you can’t personally visit the insurer’s office, you should send a notification by mail. Be sure to draw up an inventory of the attachment and request a notification of delivery of the letter to the addressee. But to conclude an additional agreement will still have to be personally.