Departure insurance

Summer is the season most suitable for holidays. According to statistics, during this period the largest number of apartment thefts takes place. It is quite possible to prevent a “visit” to unsolicited guests by using an alarm system, hiring security or real estate insurance for the period of departure. To insure an apartment during your absence, you must first decide on the subject of insurance – what exactly and what risks to insure. For example, you can insure both the structural features of housing and the decoration of the premises, property, household appliances, valuable decor items, as well as the civil liability of the apartment owner . Moreover, if the object itself and internal work are insured, the insurer will not pay compensation for the stolen laptop and mink coat.

Regarding probable risks, there are about three dozen of them. Housing is subject to insurance, both from theft, and from fire, explosion, accidents of communication systems, from all kinds of natural disasters (earthquake, flood, hurricane, etc.). As a rule, the more risks an insurance policy involves, the more profitable it is for the client. Suppose if the landlord prescribes only fire risks in the contract, then he will have to pay about 0.7% of the cost of housing. And if you specify three insurance cases at once – fire, explosion, flooding by neighbors – it will cost you only 1.5% of the cost of the quadrature. It is worth noting that property insurance for the vacation period will cost much more than standard annual insurance. So, today many companies have the right vacation insurance programs. At the same time, their recommended insurance conditions are practically the same. Although the final version of the insurance contract will undoubtedly be formed individually for each individual case. Therefore, it will not hurt anyone to insure their own property for a period of temporary absence. Indeed, in the summer season, the number of insured events, such as burglary or flooding by neighbors, for these risks increases significantly.