A rational approach to real estate insurance

The State Duma is constantly talking about the fact that apartments and private houses should be subject to compulsory insurance. In this regard, recently, property and real estate insurance is in great demand among customers. Today, home insurance is not a mandatory procedure. But voluntary insurance makes it possible to protect the owner of the apartment and his liability to third parties.

Since the institution of real estate insurance cannot be called perfect, when concluding the contract, certain problems and errors may arise. Few of the tenants seek to protect their apartment from flooding or fire. In most cases, insurance is subject to apartments purchased through mortgage lending. In this case, insurance is a prerequisite of the contract concluded with the bank. 

The risk is great that after a few years the contract of sale will become invalid due to loss of ownership. 

Such a situation can only occur if there is a third party who is the full owner of the property. Accordingly, sellers did not have the right to sell you housing that belongs to another owner.

The landlord needs to be wise in choosing a company. When choosing you should be guided by the experience of the company, the history of transactions and customer reviews. In any insurance company you can find a license that allows it to engage in insurance activities. You should also focus on advertising the insurance company and the professionalism of its employees. 

The amount of monetary compensation for insurance depends on the degree of damage. Accordingly, the client can receive the maximum payment specified in the contract only if there is no trace of his property. If the building is to be restored, then the policyholder will be paid no more than 20% of the current cost of housing.

Before insuring real estate, the insurance agent must inspect it to identify possible risks and indicate them in the insurance policy. When insuring property after a repair, you must provide employees of the company with checks that indicate the cost of finishing work and purchased furniture. 

Recently, owners have increasingly resorted to insuring their liability so that in the event of a flood or accidental breakdown of water pipes, the insurance company will fully compensate for the damage caused to your neighbors.