Health insurance is too expensive. Is it so?

Despite the negative connotations associated with the concept of insurance, car insurance is gradually beginning to enter into our lives and become the norm. We also get used to taking out insurance when traveling abroad. 

Private health facilities provide services for people with corporate health insurance . It has not yet been decided to independently draw up an insurance contract, but this concept is becoming more familiar to us. 

In addition to these types of insurance, lonely islands appear people who have issued a policy of risky and long-term accumulative insurance.

In international companies, it became absolutely normal practice to take out medical insurance for their employees; in domestic companies operating in large cities, this practice also appears. You can talk about this item when you come to work. Employers are ready to talk about this topic. Ultimately, only if employees raise the issue of corporate insurance, this issue will be on the order of the day.

If a health insurance clause is included in an employment contract, check out the insurance clauses. In what cases and to what extent does it cover your risks? In which clinics can you get the service? Roughly speaking, if a clinic accepting a client for a specific insurance is located on the other side of a big city, such insurance becomes absolutely useless. What medical products and in what cases does the insurance company cover in case of illness?

Often there is a situation where corporate insurance provides a number of medications, but to a large extent they are either ineffective or poorly synthesized and represent an additional burden on the liver. When accepting such patients, the doctor must inform that, despite the significant list of drugs provided by the insurance company, he, as a specialist, advises other drugs.

All the specifics regarding the health insurance contract should be pragmatically evaluated. Many may dismiss these words, considering them unimportant, irrelevant, but think about how much money an average more or less healthy person spends your age per year on treatment: medical examinations, medications for colds, x-rays … These are very significant amounts, which with the right dialogue with the employer, one would not have to pay out of pocket. 

If on average most people are accustomed to corporate insurance, then the vast majority are inclined to think that they cannot afford to “pull” medical insurance on their own. And they are mistaken. 

Why is that?

Practice shows that today it is difficult to talk about free medicine. The patient pays everywhere – from the therapist, receiving a referral to a specialist in the office of a specialist. It should be added about the lost time. To enter the office of a narrow specialist, you need to defend as many as three lines: at the registry, to the therapist, and directly to the narrow specialist. And if you still need to do an x-ray? Another line is added to the x-ray and again to the specialist with the result of the x-ray. 

In fact, this is not all. If a person is not officially registered in a specific area and does not have a honey card, then two more rooms are added – for reference and application. A banal trip to the doctor may not be enough for a whole day. Despite the fact that there you also have to pay for everything.

Calculate the amount spent and unearned income while idle in the queues, carefully study the health insurance contract. Do it in a column and finally give up the strange prejudice that insurance medicine is not affordable for the average earning person.