Home Property Insurance in Bulgaria

If you purchased a property for the purpose of renting, then you need to seriously think about home insurance. In Bulgaria there are a large number of local and international insurance companies. The process of applying for insurance can look a lot more complicated than for example in the UK. This impression is formed mainly due to the fact that you have to describe in detail all types of risk that you think you need to cover.

How much does property insurance in Bulgaria cost? The amount paid on the basis of insurance varies, in general it depends on various kinds of factors, such as type of real estate, types of risk. On average, you will pay between 400-450 BGN per year (without covering the risk of theft) for an apartment with two / three bedrooms – make a request to several insurance companies and choose the most suitable offer for you.

How to start a search for an insurance company in Bulgaria? If you rent property, you can use the services of your management company and insure your property through it. In most cases, the company has data from the best insurance companies and has experience in this field. Thus, with the help of your own management company, you decide the issue of insurance. If this method does not suit you, you can personally organize a search for the best insurance companies, this is not difficult, since it is professional companies that are often on the main streets of large cities and in the first positions when searching by keywords in the Internet space. Another option is to resort to information from online forums with a specific topic. Here you can find those people who have already gone this way, faced with similar and specific circumstances. This type of communication is very useful because it gives you the opportunity to really assess the situation in a foreign country.