Replacing an insurance certificate as a result of a change of surname

When changing a surname, one cannot do without such a procedure as replacing an insurance certificate . This is compulsory for an individual, because the information contained in this document must match the passport data. The individual personal account itself does not change, because it is issued to the citizen once, only the information about the recipient changes. 

List of necessary documents

When replacing this certificate, the following documentation package must be submitted: 

1. A document that confirms the change of surname, for example, a certificate of marriage or a divorce; 

2. Passport with a changed last name; 

3. The old green card; 

4. Application for changing the certificate, in which it will be necessary to list the following information:

– number of the previous insurance certificate; 

– surname, name, patronymic indicated in it; 

– newfound surname; 

– the gender of the applicant, as well as the address of registration and actual residence; 

– data of the new passport; 

– date when the application and signature were completed. 

As a rule, there is a form for this application, and filling out it will not be difficult. 

How and where to exchange? 

There are two ways to replace your certificate:

1) in the FIU at the place of residence, contacting him in advance and presenting the necessary documents; 

2) through his leader, showing him all the necessary documents, and he will do everything himself, you will only need to wait for the completion of re-issuance.

If there are any errors or typos in the new pension certificate, you should resend it for replacement. 

It is recommended to carry out the replacement of the pension certificate no later than fourteen days from the date of receipt of the new identity document (passport), but if you suddenly do not have time by this time, then it’s okay, you won’t be fined. Nevertheless, there may be a situation where your employer will credit insurance contributions to the pension insurance fund, and as a result of a mismatch in the data, they may not be credited to the account and “get stuck” somewhere.

So, the pension certificate should be changed preferably within a couple of weeks, after the passport with the new data is in your hands, by hand to the FIU or through the employer. A new certificate will be ready in two to four weeks.