Online insurance. Advantages and disadvantages

At the present time, each organization that values ​​itself, for which its image is important, has its own website. It is much easier for a potential consumer to get all the answers to questions about the necessary goods simply by going to the Internet and not going to companies or making phone calls. The online service is growing, more and more companies provide their services using Internet banking. Insurance companies are trying to keep up with progress and are moving towards customers by providing an online insurance service. 

The essence of online insurance. 

The essence of online insuranceIt is based on the provision of insurance company services, directly through the company’s website. Today, there are few insurance companies that provide their services through their website. Some of them narrow the scope of online services to advice on insurance services. Almost all insurance companies can get expert advice online. Upon receipt of the necessary information, you need to leave an application for insurance, however, the insurance itself will still need to be issued at the office of the company. 

In some cases, insurance companies provide a comprehensive package of online insurance services, allowing for payment of the policy and the conclusion of an agreement immediately on the company’s website. In this case, the pole is delivered to the customer by courier or company employee. 

The pros and cons of online insurance.

The main advantage of such insurance, as in principle, and other types of services provided via the Internet, is time saving. When leaving for the company’s office and discussing all the nuances with an employee of the company, it takes a lot of time, and submitting an application via the Internet is much faster and more practical. 

The second most important positive aspect of online insurance, you can highlight the profitability. At various companies, when receiving an insurance policy through online services, customers receive good discounts, which sometimes reach up to 20%. Companies make such discounts because when conducting online work, they do not spend money on office rental and wages to working personnel.

Despite the advantages, online insurance has many negative aspects. Firstly, we can highlight the problems that arise when paying for an insurance policy. The pole can be obtained in two ways. When delivery is carried out by an employee of the company, the client gets acquainted with the contract and puts a list on two samples, one of them he keeps and pays for the services with a representative of the company. There are no problems in this case. A problem may arise with the second type of delivery, in which the insurance company sends two copies of the contract to the customer by mail. The client must sign in both copies and send one of them back. Payment for services in this case is via bank or postal order. The downside is that if the letter does not reach the company of the insurer, then the payment will be practically non-refundable.

Another significant disadvantage of providing online insurance services is the price of the subject of insurance. The whole catch is that when providing online services, the insurance amount is fixed and cannot be changed, on the basis of this, there is the possibility of underpayment or overpayment for the insurance policy.