Company property insurance contract

The activity of any enterprise does not exclude possible risks that could damage or completely destroy property belonging to this enterprise. The consequences of such risks are always costly and entail the need for serious investment. Such extra unplanned expenses are quite capable of leading the company into bankruptcy, since there are only a few ways to restore this property: you either throw unplanned and, as a rule, huge amounts of cash from the enterprise’s budget for recovery, and then save on things important to him, or take serious loans that require not only timely repayment, but also the payment of an agreed upon and not small, often money supply. Some types of risks cannot be eliminated. An example here is a fire, any natural disasters (for example, floods) or illegal acts of third parties. 

The purpose of property insurance of organizations and enterprises

The purpose of property insurancethe company is to reduce to a minimum the financial costs of the enterprise to restore or replace the objects specified in the contract due to emergency situations. The cost of the insurance policy is a little useless of the costs that you incur in the event of an accident, and you can include it in the budget, plan it, while you will not succeed in planning emergency situations. 

The scope of the property insurance contract:

– for residential and non-residential buildings, together with internal communications, trim and glazing elements, – for individual premises inside the building, both residential and non-residential, – for equipment and machinery installations, as well as for transmission devices, – for household and production equipment, – for stocks of inventory and finished products, – for measuring and adjustment instruments, as well as other instruments, tools and appliances, – for stocks of material and production values, as well as items of short life and low cost, – for vehicles (including in emergency condition), excluding the rolling stock used for its intended purpose, – for electronic computer technology and storage media, – for musical instruments, as well as video and audio equipment, as well as equipment transmitting television and radio broadcasting,

The property insurance contract includes the following insured events:

– Fire, – Flooding, – Illegal actions of third parties, – Various natural disasters, – Accidents of sewage, heating and water supply systems, – Explosions, – Accidents involving land vehicles of any kind and condition, – Fall aircraft and other non-unmanned aerial vehicles or their debris, and other risks. 

The validity of the insurance contract is limited only by agreement between the insurance company and the representative of the organization and can be any.

Tariffs for insurance services can be from 0, 1 to 6% of the value of property insured, that is, are directly dependent on the type of property. The amount of insurance tariffs is affected by the degree of risk to which a particular enterprise is exposed, and, accordingly, in each specific case, the tariff will be set individually. To calculate tariffs, the activities of the enterprise and other factors are studied.