What is the essence of voluntary apartment insurance on receipt?

Everyone would like their house, as in a well-known saying, to be their fortress – reliable and protected from any dangers. But, alas, careless and forgetful neighbors, involuntary fires and natural disasters at any time can disrupt the usual comfort and tranquility. However, voluntary apartment insurance on receipt helps to significantly reduce the risk of loss. 

Apartment insurance in receipts today is becoming more widespread. But what, in fact, is its essence and what are the advantages?

The main advantages of this type of insurance are voluntariness and simplicity. The latter is that there is no need to spend time searching for an insurance company and concluding a contract. All you need to do to become a member of the program is just to put a tick in the line “voluntary insurance” in the receipts. Can I find an even simpler and more convenient way?

It is also important that voluntary payment leads to the formation of the foundations of an insurance culture among our compatriots, which has long been strengthened throughout Europe. Instead of the habit of living one day, strategic thinking is formed: yes, the constant expenses of the family will increase by some, not very significant amount, but if an insured event occurs, serious losses can be avoided. Thus, the owners of the apartment independently come to a responsible decision to insure their property. 

Of course, that apartment insurance in the receipt has some drawbacks, namely, they include: 

– the impossibility of choosing an insurance company and a specific insurance program; 

– insufficiency of compensation paid upon the occurrence of an insured event to fully cover the damage suffered.

Nevertheless, this simple and affordable way to protect yourself from risks is noteworthy.