Actions for insurance after an accident

You insured a car and a traffic accident occurred, what should I do in this case? If you have not forgotten, then along with the policy, you have received detailed instructions on what to do and where to go. If you don’t remember, we’ll tell you now! Read about it below. 

Most importantly, do not panic, do not leave the scene of the accident, but make a stop, turn on the alarm and put an alarm sign. If you have it. 

If someone needs medical help, give them help, call an ambulance. If possible, contact the driver of a passing vehicle to transfer the injured to the nearest medical facility.

If the transport cannot pass due to an accident, make the carriageway free by fixing the location of the vehicles with witnesses in advance. Contact an insurance agent and call the traffic police. 

If there are no complaints about your side with other participants in the accident, and no one was hurt, you can banally fix the accident at the nearest post of the Patrol Service. 

If there are complaints, it remains to wait for the traffic police officer. He should immediately take a number of papers: a copy of the accident report. 

Also, a certificate that you were a participant in a traffic accident in which you must list the damage to the machine; if the rights were taken away, you should be given temporary permission.

The traffic police officer, as a rule, writes out to all the participants in an accident the appearance in the parsing group. But the perpetrators will determine the trial. If any of the participants in the accident does not suit the outcome of the group, you must write to the territorial court within 10 days from the date of the decision of the Group. What documents do you need to get this from the insurance company. 

The car insurance agency, among other things, must pay the victim all losses in full. Max amount on insurance payments may be four hundred thousand rubles. (if there are victims) and you don’t need to think that your broken car will be repaired for the whole amount. 

And if the payment is more than one hundred and twenty thousand (this amount is set to replace the damage caused to the property), the culprit will reimburse the remaining funds from his money. Like this.

But even in this case, you may find yourself in a situation where some of the expenses will have to be borne at your own expense. After all, the insurance company will be able to reimburse everything not for new parts, but only for old ones or exchanging them for used ones. 

If this is not enough for you, it is better to insure the CASCO car and, as the advertisement says, “sleep peacefully.” Indeed, according to the CASCO system, insurance payments can amount to up to a million rubles.